Cub Camp - Advisor

Brief Biography

Dr. Dave Stevens is the Dean of Students at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith. Dr. Stevens has a Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science, a Master of Science in College Student Personnel, and a Doctorate in Adult Education. Dr. Stevens has served as the Cub Camp advisor since 2012.

Ms. Stephanie London is the Director of Student Activities.  Ms. London holds a Bachelors of Arts in English from the University of Arkansas Fort Smith and a Master of Science in College Student Personnel from Arkansas Tech University.

Why is Cub Camp important?

Cub Camp is important for two reasons. First, the transition from high school to college can be difficult for even the most accomplished students. Having an opportunity to familiarize yourself with campus resources, create connections with other in-coming freshman, and develop a guide or mentor relationship with a connected upperclassmen prior to the first day of class gives first-time, full-time in-coming college freshman a greater sense of confidence and comfort as they begin this transition. Second, I believe that Cub Camp is important for creating a connection between the student and the university. Over the next four years, UAFS will become your home away from home, the friends you make here will be as close as family members, and the lessons you learn inside and outside of the classroom will change your life forever. So, why would you wait? Register for Cub Camp today. I promise you won't regret it.