Student Activities Office Staff

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Student activities office logo
The University of Arkansas – Fort Smith Student Activities Office fosters student engagement, leadership development, and diverse co-curricular programming through facilitated opportunities, preparing students to become responsible global citizens and informed leaders. 



Dr. Dave Stevens
Dean of Students
Campus Center 201C
(479) 788-7696

Stephanie London, M.S.
Director of Student Activities and Coordinator for Student Affairs
Campus Center 108
(479) 788-7697

Jasmine Hattabaugh

Jasmine Hattabaugh
Coordinator for Student Activities
Campus Center 108
(479) 788-7328

Shannon Garcia

Shannon Garcia, M.B.A.
Greek Life Coordinator
Campus Center 110
(479) 788-7694

Jennifer Holland, MBA
Coordinator of
Non-traditional Student Support and Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students
Campus Center 111A
(479) 788-7319

Katy Brake
Institutional Assistant
Student Affairs
Campus Center 201
(479) 788-7310


Brooke Slaton

Brooke Slaton
Administrative Specialist
Student Activities Office
Campus Center 115
(479) 788-7663