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The UAFS Campus Recreation and Wellness department is here to enhance the quality of life of our students, faculty, and staff by opportunities for participation in various recreational programs, services and facilities. The Campus Recreation and Wellness department includes the Recreation and Wellness Center (RAWC), intramural sports, fitness programs, club sports, our new climbing and bouldering walls and outdoor programs. 

Join us and plan to make many memories through our department during your time at UAFS! Please call (479)788-7600 for further questions!

  • 35 foot climbing wall
  • 15 foot bouldering wall
  • All new Matrix strength and cardiovascular equipment
  • Numerous group fitness classes offered throughout the week
  • Two full sized basketball courts
  • Two studio rooms for group fitness and personal fitness use
  • A walking/jogging track on the 2nd floor (10th of a mile)

Fitness and Wellness 5 way photo

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Sports Clubs

Student participating in a sports club.

Fitness Programs

Students working out at the RAWC

Climbing Wall

Student using the climbing wall at the RAWC

Intramural Sports

Student playing frisbee during Intramurals

Outdoor Programs

Students on a hike.