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The internet and cable TV in Sebastian Commons and the Lion's Den are provided by Cox Communications. All bedrooms on campus are provided 60+ HD channels and 40+ music channels with Cox Digital Cable. To work the digital cable box with the student's TV, the student must have a remote checked out from the Housing Office or South Front Desk. Students may upgrade their cable accounts by opening a separate account with Cox and paying for the upgrade. To do this, they may go to the local Cox store or call 866-247-9180. The account will be in their name, and the student would pay for upgraded services.


In Sebastian Commons, students have access to wireless internet. Building 3 has an Ethernet port in each bedroom. For residents in the other buildings, they are welcome to check-out a cable modem at the Housing Office is they desire a hard-wired internet connection. In the Lion's Den, students have access to wireless internet as well as an Ethernet port for each student in their bedroom.


If you need help accessing the internet or want to figure out your cable, check out the information below!

Click Here for the Cox Communications flyer for internet and cable TV on campus.

Click Here for the complete internet and cable user guide.

Click Here for a listing of channels.

Click Here for a one page internet set-up guide.

Click Here for a diagram on how your cable box, TV, and power mizer should be hooked up together in Sebastian Commons.

Click Here for instructions on how to set up your Cox remote for your TV.

Click Here for instructions regarding the infrared sensors.

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