Living on Campus

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Why should I live on campus instead of at home?

Is living on campus really "worth" it?

On campus residents enjoy a unique community experience exclusive to our unique living communities. Residents have the opportunities to attend and participate in a variety of community and building programs planned by Housing & Residential Life staff. Some events throughout the year may include a costume party, resume writing workshop, pancake breakfast, stress relievers, movie marathons, video game tournaments, 1980s workouts, and more!

Also, there are several amenities in and throughout the facilities to foster student interaction. At the Lion's Den Residence Hall, there is a large courtyard at the center of the complex where students may relax, play catch, and enjoy other yard games. At Sebastian Commons Apartments, there are outdoor grills, two basketball courts, a sand volleyball court, and a sand horeshoe pit. Living on campus perfectly blends academic and social growth!


Top 10 Reasons to Live On Campus

1. Save Time! Roll out of bed 5 minutes before class and still make it on time.

2. Save Money! No need to pay for gas.

3. Individual Contracts. You do not need to worry about what friends and roommates are doing.

4. Convenience. Everything is just a short walk away.

5. Activities! There is always something going on.

6. Food. Save time, skip the cooking, and enjoy your meal plan in our all you can eat dining hall.

7. Make new friends. There is always someone new to meet.

8. Achieve academic success. It's so easy to have a study group!

9. Involvement! Join hall council, become an RA, and get involved on campus.

10. Home away from Home. It's the perfect step of independence between where you grew up and a place off campus.

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Campus activies

  Campus activies

Campus activies

Campus activies