Meet the Director's Staff

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Cub camp staff



From bottom left to top right: Hayley Howard, Heather Deere, Brooke Slaton, and David Trotter.



Hayley Howard

Hometown: Van Buren, AR

Year: Sophomore

Major: Media Communications

Minor: Speech and Spanish


What are you most excited about for Cub Camp 2015?

"I think I am most excited about not only helping incoming freshmen find their place here in the University, but also about having the opportunity to serve in a leadership position that allows me to watch them grow and become excited for college as they begin to see all of the opportunities that are available to them here at UAFS."


What color camp were you in as a camper?

"I was a camper in Fall 2013 and I was a member of Green Camp!!


What organizations are you involved in on campus?

"I am involved with the University Student Ambassadors, Cub Camp, Student Conduct Board, UAFS Darby Mentoring Program and the Honors International Studies Program where I currently serve as a peer mentor."



Assistant Director for Membership

Heather Deere

Hometown: Muldrow, OK

Year: Sophomore

Major: Media Comunications

Minor: English


What is your favorite event on campus?

"Homecoming week is by far one of my favorite week of events on campus.  The whole campus comes together to show their UAFS pride and being a part of the that atmosphere is the most amazing experience."


Have you changed your major?  If so, what did you from/to?

"I have changed my majore once since I have been at UAFS.  I began my college career as an English Teacher - Licensure major but then switched to Media Commun

ication.  Having actual experience with public relations and marketing within my sorority helped me make the decision to switch.


If you had a theme song, what would it be?

"Definitely, 'Run the World (Girls)' by the wonderful Beyonce.  There is nothing better than female empowerment and strong female leadership in my humble opinion.



Assistant Director for Marketing

Brooke Slaton

Hometown: Charleston, AR

Year: Junior

Major: Digital Design and Animation Technology


What are you most excited about for Cub Camp 2015?

"Move-in Day and seeing all of the camp skits!"


What color camp were you in as a camper?

Green camp!


What is the number one thing on your bucket list?

Travel to every country in the world, no matter what.



Assistant Director for Staff Development

David Trotter

Hometown: Ozark, AR

Year: Senior

Plans after college?

I plan on going to get a Masters degree and become a manager at Hewlet Packard.

Favorite movie?

Lord of the Rings