Cub Camp

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What is Cub Camp?

Cub Camp is a three day freshmen experience camp led by current students and designed to introduce our new Lions to the many traditions, academic resources, and involvement opportunities available to them at the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith.  We inform freshmen students dance at cub cambabout those things through a series of skits, discussion groups, and other interactive programs. The main goal of Cub Camp is to help in-coming freshmen feel more like sophomores than freshmen on the first day of class.


What do you do at camp?

Freshmen are split into large 'camp' groups that are overseen by upperclassmen chairs and counselors. Your camp will begin to bond as you spend time getting to know one another, and learning about opportunities and services available on campus and learning about Lion traditions.


Each camp is divided into smaller Den Groups with one or two counselors. The Den Groups, or DGs, are a place where New Lions are given the chance to ask any questions they might have about life at UAFS. Each night is filled with fun, interactive and entertaining activities that allow freshmen the opportunity to socialize with fellow Lions!


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